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Carlos Navarrete 2013

CARLOS NAVARRETE,   (2013) "It is because a great part of the strength of the colour that inhabits her work comes from her inner self, thus, her work as a visual artist is the reflex of that light that she has inside."   Carlos Navarrete   The Power of Color...

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Gina Benvenuto 2011

GINA BENVENUTO,   (2011) "Paints the light, the colour, the flame and the flow of life."   Gina Benvenuto All the fires, the fire.  AS A MODERN FEMALE "PROMETHEUS", THE ARTIST OF GREEK ORIGIN PAINTS AND GIVES THE VITAL FIRE THAT FLAPS AND FLAMES IN ALL HUMAN LIFE.   Paints the light, the...

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Natalia Arcos 2010

NATALIA ARCOS,  (2010) "The betrayal to the realistic representation of the visible world is in Daphne Anastassiou the explorer engine of subconscious, what makes her explode also the surface of the work."   Natalia Arcos Painting in continuous trance.   As soon as I met her for the first time, I...

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Edward Shaw 2010

EDWARD SHAW,   (2010) "Her work is a celebration of joy, of colour and of the tension of the form.  The artist gives herself  entirely in the process and aspires to bewitch the spectators:  a curse that can conjure eternally joy and ties in equal parts."   Edward Shaw Painting...

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Curatoría Mario Fonseca 2009

MARIO FONSECA,  Independent Curator  (2009) "The density that we observe in Daphne Anastassiou's works constitutes the succession of incursions that have passed through the format, coating it with memories and promises over which the artist will trace later the profile of her protagonists."   Curatorial Mario Fonseca  ...

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Concepcion Balmes 2009

CONCEPCIÓN BALMES,  (2009) "Through a sensitive and musical colouring her work come to us like a breath of fresh and spring-like air.  Her compositions are populated with characters that are interwoven in shape and colour, creating a pattern that  lights up an original and dynamic universe."   Concepcion...

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