Daphne | Biography
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Daphne Anastassiou

Daphne Anastassiou Mustakis is a visionary, transformational artist, author, and instructor of personal evolution and enlightenment. Her work speaks to the intuition and the intellect, inviting people of all backgrounds to release limiting beliefs and to trust in our creative potential as a key to enjoying a happy, fulfilling life.


Artist of Inner Enlightenment


Born in Viña del Mar, Chile, into a Greek family with strong bonds to the artistic world, Daphne’s first artistic expressions go back to her childhood working at her mother’s atelier with enamels over metal and different techniques with acids. Since childhood, art has been an inspiration for Daphne’s own development of her inner light.


As an adult, she experimented with ceramics before turning to painting in 1991. It has been her main passion since 2006. In 2009, she launched her first solo exhibition, entitled “Agapi” (Greek for “divine love”), in Santiago, Chile. From 2014 on, her work in sculpture added another dimension to her growing mastery of artistic expression.


Daphne’s art has been exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Athens, and is held in private collections around the world. Today, Daphne is represented by Galerie Colette Dubois in Paris, following solo exhibitions in 2011, 2013 and 2016.


Daphne’s dynamic, fluid compositions evoke the free, joyous expression of our true essence as humans: LOVE.


Author and Instructor of Personal Evolution


Daphne’s higher education began at colleges in England and Greece, and finished at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile where she earned a degree in psychology. For decades, she worked professionally in the business world in the development of human potential for respected international organizations and in her own private practice. Her most requested workshops are creativity, leadership, self-empowerment and emotional wellness.


In her innovative book Somos Amor (We Are Love), published in 2000, and in workshops based upon concepts from the book, she shares insights and expertise gathered during 40 years of professional experience and self-exploration.


Her expanding talents in visual and written expression have been enriched by a deep understanding of the complexities of human nature. Today, she presents a unique synthesis of catalysts for personal enlightenment. Her goal is to help us all to expand and evolve our inner awareness beyond fears, doubts and prejudices.


As she says, “Colors flow and emanate freely from within.  We are channels of the Universe.”


Daphne lives and works in Santiago, Chile.


Inspiring the Next Generation


Currently, Daphne serves on the Board of Directors of the Mustakis Foundation, a charitable organization that brings cultural, intellectual and creative richness to school-age children of low-income families.


As President of the recently established Foundation Agapi, she strives to develop and empower the artistic potential of children through long-term music education programs. She says, “Singing is the excuse for children to develop their inner light.”


Summary of Artistic Career


Solo Exhibitions


2009 Artespacio Gallery. Santiago, Chile
2011 Colette Dubois Gallery. Paris, France
2013 Colette Dubois Gallery. Paris, France

* Exclusive Representatives. 2011 to date

2013 Artespacio Gallery. Santiago, Chile
2014 Casas de lo Matta. Santiago, Chile
2016 Colette Dubois Gallery. Paris, France
2017 Casas de lo Matta. Santiago, Chile


Collective Exhibitions


2009 Expotrastiendas. Buenos Aires, Argentina
2010 Expotrastiendas. Buenos Aires, Argentina
2010 Ch. ACO Fair. Santiago, Chile
2010 Art Faim. Madrid, Spain
2011 Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall. London, England
2012 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery. New York, USA
2012 Espacio Presidente Riesco – Triada. Santiago, Chile
2014 Meeting in Shanghai, Feria Internacional de Arte. Shanghai, China
2015 Expoarte, Club de Polo. Santiago, Chile
2019 Fibras Latinoamericanas, Mercedes Benz Center. Santiago, Chile




Mixed Media
Paper, Wood, Fabric and others
Pastels, Acrylic, Oil, Pencil


Museum Collections, Public Spaces, Publications


2010 Book: Human Development in Chile- (Cover) UN Program for Development, painting ¨Encounters¨
2010 Book: International Contemporary Artists, Vol I – ICA Publishing, New York, USA
2012 Ambassador’s Room, Place of Honor, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, USA
2013 Book: Our Contemporary Painters, by Paula Guzmán & Francisca Muzard, Santiago, Chile
2013 Magazine: Elle Decoration – Paris, France
2013 Magazine: La Gazette Drouot – Paris, France
2014 Book: The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists – by Salvatore Russo, EAS Editore, Palermo, Italy
2015 Book: 305 by Galería Artespacio. Commemorating 20 years of trajectory, Santiago, Chile
2016 Book: Women in Chilean Art. Arte al Limite. First Edition Santiago , Chile


Awards, Prizes


2012 Ambassador’s Room, Place of Honor,
2012 Florence – Shanghai Prize
2014 Palermo, Italy

2011 Paris

Her works can be found in private collections in Europe, Middle East as well as in North and South América.