Daphne | Biography
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Daphne Anastassiou


Daphne was born in Viña del Mar (Chile) in 1955.  Belongs to a Greek family that has always maintained strong bonds with the artistic world, since she was a child, the art manifestations were part of her life and a source of inspiration for her creative development.  Her higher education started at the Pierce College in Athens (Greece), continued at the Alvescot College in London (England) and finished at the Universidad Catòlica of Santiago (Chile), where she got her Psychology degree in 1980.

Her first approaches to art can be found back in her childhood, working at her mother’s atelier with enamels over metal and different techniques with acids.  Afterwards, she tried with ceramics (1982).  Her first canvas was born in 1991 and since 2006 she is completely devoted to painting.


The artist uses different materials such as oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolour, painting on canvases, wood,  paper and sometimes paperboard.


Her first solo exhibition named Agapi (love in Greek), was performed in 2009 at the Artespacio Gallery in Santiago (Chile), where she showed pieces created between 1991 and 2009.

By the years 2009 and 2010 she exhibited at Feria Expotrastiendas in Buenos Aires (Argentina), represented by Argentinarte Gallery, in 2010 she exhibited at the Feria Ch. ACO in Santiago (Chile), represented by Artespacio Gallery and also in 2010 she exhibited at Feria de Arte Independiente FAIMART in Madrid (Spain).

During 2011 she did her first solo exhibition at the Colette Dubois Gallery in Paris (France), who represents her in France since that time; that same year she exhibited at the Parallax Art Fair, organized at the Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall, in London (England).

In 2012 was part of a collective exhibition in Chelsea, New York (United States), at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery; that same year Daphne organized the collective exhibition named Triada where she showed her paintings together with the scuptures of the artist Daphne Lyon and the

paintings of the artist Loreto Rivera.  This exhibition took place in Santiago, (Chile) in a venue specially organized for this purpose.

In 2013 she did a solo exhibition at the Gallery Colette Dubois in Paris, closing the year with Sacred Dimensions, a new solo exhibition at Artespacio Gallery in Santiago (Chile).

In 2014 she was chosen to do a solo exhibition of her work named Loving Reflections at Casas de lo Matta, Santiago (Chile).

In 2016 Daphne did a solo exhibition at the Gallery Colette Dubois in Paris.

From 2014 on, she has been exploring the three-dimensional shape starting from the sculptorical projection of her paintings.

Currently, Daphne Anastassiou is a member of the Board of Directors of the Mustakis Foundation, organization that promotes the development of the cultural, intellectual and creative richness of school-age children of low-income families.

Daphne lives and works in Santiago, Chile.





Solo Exhibitions


2009 Artespacio Gallery                     Santiago, Chile

2011  Colette Dubois Gallery              Paris, France

2013  Colette Dubois Gallery             Paris, France

*     Exclusive Representatives           2011 to date

2013  Artespacio Gallery                     Santiago, Chile

2014  Casas de lo Matta                      Santiago, Chile

2016 Colette Dubois Gallery              Paris, France

2017  Casas de lo Matta                      Santiago, Chile 



Collective Exhibitions


2009  Expotrastiendas                                   Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010  Expotrastiendas                                   Buenos Aires, Argentina

2010  Ch. ACO Fair                                          Santiago, Chile

2010  Art Faim                                                 Madrid, Spain

2011  Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall           London, England

2012  Amsterdam Whitney        Gallery      New York, USA

2012  Espacio Presidente Riesco – Triada   Santiago, Chile

2014  Meeting in Shanghai, Feria

Internacional de Arte                                     Shanghai, China

2015  Expoarte, Club de Polo                        Santiago, Chile






Mixed Media

Paper, Wood, Fabric and others

Pastels, Acrylic, Oil, Pencil



Museum Collections, Public Spaces, Publications


2010  Book:  International Contemporary Artists, Vol I – ICA Publishing, New York, USA

2012  Ambassador’s Room, Place of Honor, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York, USA

2013  Book:  Our Contemporary Painters, by Paula Guzmán & Francisca Muzard, Santiago, Chile

2014  Book:  The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists – by Salvatore Russo, EAS Editore, Palermo,  Italy

2015  Book:  305 by Galería Artespacio. Commemorating 20 years of trajectory, Santiago, Chile

2016 Book: Women in Chilean Art. Arte al Limite. First Edition Santiago , Chile



2011 Paris

Her works can be found in private collections in Europe, Middle East as well as in North and South América.