Daphne | Ruthie Tucker 2012
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Ruthie Tucker 2012


“Vibrating color, magnificent range of emotion and depth of sensitivity which is truly unique in the realm of Abstract art.”


Ruthie Tucker


Abstraction in the present tense


Color is all. When color is right, form is right.  Color is everything, color is vibration like music; everything is vibration, Marc Chagall proclaimed.  Inspired by this credo, the masterful abstract paintings of Chilean artist Daphne Anastassiou command the emotions of the viewer though rich hues and energetic brushstrokes.  Vibrating color magnificent range of emotion and depth of sensitivity which is truly unique in the realm of Abstract art.  Richly textured, the colors sing as they fly off the edge of the canvas and the viewer can feel the pulsating confluence of harmonizing tones as each canvas flows with swaths of color.  Her mixed media abstract dreamscapes swirl and breathe with movement and passion as her inspirational palette of sun-kissed hues are orchestrated with tonalities of sherbet oranges, coral reds and Kelly greens, all of which are injected with a sense of dynamism and volatility and are a testament to her relentless inquisitive aesthetic sensibility.


Mesmerizing the viewer with pulsating tones and an intriguing use of contrast, every canvas is a symphony of color, capturing the musicality of hues as she fuses the senses to create one singular sensation with one major focal point _ a place where an adagio of colors and textures harmonize before appearing to gain an active life of their wen.  Resonating with layers of textures, lush, the artist’s paintbrush is like a baton, as she conducts careful combinations of tones which provide the paintings with a sense of joie de vivre, celebrating the power of abstract art.  Inspired by the expansiveness of life unfurled, Daphne Anastassiou process embraces freedom and space as she intuitively applies fortissimo swaths of paint to create her own environments.  Her two large-scale canvases entitled “celebration “and “Couple “reverberate with undulating, semi-figurative silhouettes with fanciful floating expressions which melodically blend into her abstract tableaux.  This ambiance transcends her canvas and places the viewer within a lyrical painterly realm, offering a visual melody of semi-abstracted forms which a affect the awareness of one’s inner and outer environments concurrently.  Choruses of warm fields entice viewers with an affectionate glow, singing with the evocative powers of pure color and providing an expressive non-objective dreamscape realm.


There is an aura of passion to her art yet also a distinct sense of balance by her masterly balance of color and thoughtful application of painterly style.  The jubilance and refreshing charm in her kaleidoscopic paintings resonate with one arter viewing and offer delight and beauty to the viewer.  These utopian, ribbon-like impressions enable the spectator to




envision whatever they desire through the eruption of color and line, almost as if they were visual firecrakers exploding onto an arbitrarily colored sky.  Nevertheless, Ms. Anastassiou his crafted an assemblage of paintings which combine the desire for beauty with the artist’s need for expressions which incite the sense and galvanize the spirits.


A trained psychologist, Daphne Anastassiou is also a maestro of contemporary art with her museum-caliber canvases which have archived a crescendo of visual vocabulary awards.  Treasured both in Europe and in her native Chile, her masterful abstract dreamscapes are showcased in corporate and private collections.  Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to shine the spotlight on this rising artist.


Ruthie Tucker

New York, United States, 2012

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